APRS failure on a TM-D710e

Recently i noticed a failure with the APRS settings from my Kenwood TM-D710e.

Error messages were shown on the display from the transceiver and for some reason all settings from APRS where corrupt.

After a search i found that an EEPROM from the TM-D710e was broken (IC2 in the control unit). This EEPROM can be replaced by 25LC256T-I/SN .

If you can solder it is quit easy to replace the EEPROM.

Steps to follow:

  • Order the EEPROM 25LC256T-I/SN . I ordered my at DigiKey because this was the only one that had this type in stock the time i ordered mine.
  • Open the control unit from the Kenwood TM-D710e by removing the two screws on the back.
  • Locate EEPROM (IC2).
  • Remove EEPROM IC2. This can be done with a normal solder iron and solder wick.
  • Clean the contacts on the PCB and put the new EEPROM in place.
  • Close the control unit and tighten.
  • Connect the control unit to the main unit and turn the TM-D710e ON.
  • Perform a full reset of the transceiver and that’s all. The transceiver should work back as normal.